Friday, June 1, 2012

HIV Pandemic Blamed on 'Beautiful Women'

I could not help but wonder how someone in a position of power could even say something like this. 

The biggest problem we have in the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS is that most people do not understand the science of the virus. This is something that the South African Minister of Science and Technology, Mrs Naledi Pandor alluded to when she gave a keynote address at a meeting I attended last week.

This article proves her articulation


  1. We need Black women to stand up and become activist. For to long they have been abused by black men. Unless they dont get up and set them straight and dissepline their boys growing up, it will be a loosing battle. Why is it that in a black culture boys are not allowed to be dissaplined?

  2. mmm I wouldnt quite put it that way. Power structures in most cultures are normally tilted in favour of men. The HIV pandemic (esp as it has played out in Africa) is an ex. of the weakness of such a system - when ignorance is king, many suffer.
    I agree with D, education is key.